About Us

We Are PC Net Services

PC Net Services is a Data Communications Consulting Company specializing in all forms of data communications. PC Net Services works with computers, servers, cellular devices and all methods of making these systems communicate reliably, effectively and securely.


Started in 2001, PC Net Services has been serving in the state of Illinois and greater Chicago area for all types of businesses. Our Customer base has grown and we have found that as each business is different, technology can make a difference in your business’ success regardless of the industry space you are in.

The staff at PC Net Services has over 100 years of experience in the IT field. Certified engineers, skilled technicians, and reliable installers make up a group of people that can improve your systems reliability, increase performance and even reduce overall costs.

PC Net Services specializes in small to mid-sized businesses, Government agencies, Police and Fire and any business in need of communicating data between computers, servers, tablets, cellular devices and phones. We can provide consulting, installation and maintenance on most all systems and provide seamless communications across multiple platforms and over all sorts of media.


PC Net Services also realizes that every business has a budget. Some consultants will offer a solution that is overly expensive. Some offer a solution that is insufficient to meet your business needs. PC Net Services can offer you options to meet your business needs and your budget.

PC Net Services works to keep low overhead and pass those savings off to the Customer. Some large consulting firms will charge an hourly rate that will make your head spin. Some will charge an overly low rate but not have the experience needed to provide what your business needs. PC Net Services has the needed experience and reasonable rate that can bring your business an important commodity…..Value


PC Net Services treats each Customer like our most important Customer.  If you have an emergency, PC Net Services will be there. If we make an appointment, PC Net Services will be there. If you need information, PC Net Services will provide it. As situations change and emergencies arise, there may be times when we may be late. If so, PC Net Services will call and make sure your needs are met.


PC Net Services has the experience and reliability you need, all at a reasonable rate. Our goal is to make your Information Technology System communicate reliably, efficiently and securely.  Our experience, value and reliability make PC Net Services your best solution for all your business technology needs.