PC Net Services gets many questions concerning our various services. Just a few are below.

Question: What are your hourly rates?

Answer: PC Net Services has an hourly rate starting at $80 per hour. Not as much as some large companies but reasonable for the experience we bring. PC Net Services offers some services at a set price. We can also create contracts and provide bids as needed. PC Net Services will work with each Customer to provide clear and concise pricing on all the work we do. And if PC Net Services quotes you a price, we will stay true to the quote.

Question: How much would it cost to increase the number of bars on my phone?

Answer: There are many different methods to increase your cell signal strength. Each has different costs, requirements, advantages and disadvantages. PC Net Services will evaluate your current environment and explain these options and come up with a cost effective way to increase your cellular reliability.

Question: Is my data and network secure?

Answer: PC Net Services can check your environment to see just how secure your data is. Securing your data does have a cost but PC Net Services can provide a solution that keeps you safe and won’t bust your budget. Contact PC Net Services for an evaluation and solution to give you peace of mind.

Question: What is the best way to access the Internet?

Answer: There are many ways to access the Internet. Each has different costs, levels of reliability and different speeds. As each business is different, contact PC Net Services for a solution that will make your data communications fast and reliable.

Question: Why choose PC Net Services over another consulting company?

Answer: PC Net Services has the right experience, reasonable rates and prompt, timely service to keep your business up and running reliably, efficiently and securely. Contact PC Net Services to find out what we can do for you.