PC Net Services deals with a wide range of Customers, from home-based businesses to large corporate enterprises. The experience PC Net Services has gained over the years will help us provide the best solution your business needs.

Cellular Enhancement Customers

PC Net Services has done a great deal of work in the area of cellular signal enhancement. Many of our Customers are Government agencies and businesses. We have experience with Police and Fire Departments, Government agencies at the State, county, and local levels. Whether it is a large office, small building, or the inside of your car, PC Net Services can decrease dropped calls and increase bandwidth. That’s why PC Net Services connects you to the world.

Computer and Server Management Customers

PC Net Services has been managing computer networks since our inception. Most all of us have a computer at a desk for access to the Internet, shared files, applications and printing. There is often a server that provides these functions and manages the security.  PC Net Services can make all these systems communicate reliably, efficiently and securely.

PC Net Services works with lawyers, doctors, accountants, and most any type of business. Whether it is an office with 2 computers or 100 with multiple servers, PC Net Services can install, manage and maintain these systems to increase uptime and efficiency.

Network Security Management Customers

PC Net Services has performed network management services for very large corporations and small home-based businesses. We have performed disaster recovery and business continuity planning for large organizations like ComEd, CTA, and  Metra all the way to small home-based businesses. Your data is important and keeping it safe is critical to your business needs.

All businesses need antivirus, backup, firewalls, and some level of redundancy. As each business, and budget, is different, PC Net Services can tailor a solution to meet your needs and keep you safe all at a reasonable cost.

Data Communications Customers

Moving data from one point to another is critical to your business. PC Net Services works with 911 Dispatch Centers to send out emergency call information to police and fire department personnel to keep the officers, firemen, and paramedics updated on the public safety needs of a community. As the data sent in the public safety field is critical, so is the data for your business.

Data Integration

A lawyer or doctor may need access to emails, scheduling, and case management applications and share information between them, all from multiple devices. A Policeman may need access to 911 call information, GPS data, and criminal records, all easily accessible, while driving with lights and sirens on. An Accountant may need access to tax software, previous year’s taxes, and IRS data in a seamless flow of information. Every business’ needs are different.

Whatever your needs are for data integration, PC Net Services can provide solutions to increase efficiency and provide you with the data you need, when you need it. As each business is different, PC Net Services can come up with a solution that will meet your business needs.